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IP Literature Watch: July 2023

July 31, 2023
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In this month’s IP Literature Watch we include a paper providing a comprehensive investigation of the economic impact of patent holdout; an article scrutinizing the position of UK courts in deciding SEP disputes; a paper investigating patent litigation, settlements and R&D incentives on a market where two firms develop technologies of differentiated products; a piece revisiting the question of how firms seek to protect the rents from innovation using a nationally representative sample of firms over the period 2008-2015; an article evaluating how analyst coverage may affect corporate innovation; a research paper providing recommendations for determining which legal measures provide the right incentives for developing climate change technology; and a paper examining a labor market in which inventors and firms interact, and its implications for the allocation of inventors across firms, knowledge diffusion, and productivity growth.

To read more about these topics and other recent publications concerning intellectual property issues around the world, download a copy.

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