Jeffrey Cisyk discusses recent bobblehead study in Sportico interview

June 15, 2021
Stadium section and row

Can bobbleheads and other stadium giveaways have an impact on ticket sales and fan devotion in live sports?

In an interview with Sportico, Jeffrey Cisyk discusses how differences in stadium giveaway availability can increase ROI and promote long-term gains.

Jeffrey Cisyk’s interview with Sportico came recently after the publication of his co-authored study, “Stadium Giveaway Promotions: How Many Items to Give and the Impact on Ticket Sales in Live Sports” in the Journal of Sport Management. The study argues that giveaway availability is a major component of teams’ promotion strategies and has been largely overlooked in the literature. They document the choice of giveaway availability across all Major League Baseball teams over an eight-year period and demonstrate that attendance increases with giveaway availability up to the point where there are enough giveaway items to serve 40% of a stadium’s capacity.

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