Overcoming the funding challenges of bringing digital health technologies to market

May 31, 2021
DNA sequencing

Digital health is a rapidly emerging field showing significant potential to improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare systems around the world, and more industry stakeholders are recognizing the important role of digital health especially due to the COVID-19 pandemic. There is also growing interest from healthcare purchasers (payors and hospital administrators) in buying value-based healthcare solutions based on reliable data metrics around treatment efficacy and continuous monitoring in real-world settings. DHTs have the potential to allow payors and manufacturers to track patient outcomes and treatment adherence better, faster and more accurately, and thus support wider adoption of value-based healthcare models.

Despite progress being made in digital health there are several barriers hindering innovation and adoption of DHTs. One of the key issues is funding because in many cases there are no dedicated access pathways or value assessment processes for DHTs, and funding flows are driven in silos. In this MedTech Strategist article, we explores these challenges and how companies might overcome them to encourage faster access and reimbursement of DHTs.