Transition into the post-COVID era: Evolving physician practices and expectations

October 3, 2020

There has been growing conversation around various COVID-19 therapeutic and vaccine candidates, with communities looking forward to returning to “normal life.” However, it’s likely that what we return to will be a “new normal”. For many physician practices, changes presumed to be temporary may become part of permanent changes to their practice structure.

Throughout the pandemic, CRA and our research partner Dynata have conducted a series of surveys to understand physician perceptions of the pandemic’s effects on their daily practice. In the most recent iteration of this survey, we asked physicians about what they have seen in their practice recently and their expectations for the future. In this Medical Economics article, Kristen Backor and Billy Wang focus on key areas of impact assessed from the perspective of healthcare professionals, including changes related to their practice environment, their prescribing patterns, and their target patient population.

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