Workplace culture study of the Office of Financial Research: Quantitative and qualitative analysis

November 21, 2017

David Lamoreaux and Quenton Wright provided a quantitative and qualitative study of the Office of Financial Research (OFR). The quantitative analysis provided data-driven insights into actual employment outcomes including compensation, promotions, terminations, and diversity across the organization to assess whether people of different gender and race/ethnicities had the same opportunities within the OFR. For the qualitative assessment, CRA was requested to elicit employee feedback about workplace culture. Lamoreaux and Wright teamed with Michael Campion, a Senior Consultant to CRA and the Herman C. Krannert Chaired Professor of Management at Purdue University. The qualitative study included listening sessions across multiple employee levels and offices that were organized to understand the workplace issues expressed by employees, managers, and leadership. These findings, along with recommendations for improvement, were subsequently published in 2017.

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