Bac Tran


Dr. Bac Tran is a professional economist with 15 years of experience who provides his clients with economic research and rigorous data analysis in antitrust litigation matters and mergers and acquisitions.

He specializes in antitrust class action matters assisting clients during the discovery process, working on developing large datasets, using sophisticated statistical modeling to analyze complex economic issues, and assisting with developing expert testimony. He advises clients on the content, quality, and reliability of data and uses his expertise to conduct economic and statistical analyses to answer pertinent questions during the course of criminal investigations, civil litigations, and mergers and acquisitions.

Dr. Tran has worked on a wide variety of antitrust matters related to both criminal investigations and civil litigations involving price fixing, rate rigging, attempted monopolization, competition suppression, and unlawful tying. He has significant expertise related to the economic analysis of class certification.