Ozgur Kan

Vice President
Ozgur Kan | Finance | Charles River Associates

Dr. Ozgur B. Kan is a Vice President in Financial Markets Practice at CRA in New York.

Dr. Ozgur Kan is a testifying and consulting expert providing expert services in corporate matters and in disputes in state and federal courts and domestic and international arbitrations. He works with clients in both dispute & litigation and advisory & consulting matters related to credit due diligence and credit underwriting, credit analysis and assessments, bond ratings analysis, credit modeling and validation, loan and deal review, work-outs and restructurings, regulatory preparedness, risk compliance and investigations, economic and regulatory capital, advanced modeling of credit approaches and interest rates, securitization of esoteric claims.

In investment matters, Dr. Kan performs analysis and review of asset allocation models and algorithmic investment approaches for investment funds and alternative investment vehicles with emphasis on asset allocation, portfolio construction and rebalancing, algorithmic investing, portfolio risk management and risk and return attribution, and hedging. He also performs assessment of quantum of damages and valuation of hard-to-value credit instruments, structured deals, workout assessments, esoteric and illiquid transactions and securities for reporting and transactional purposes and in dispute and litigation matters.

Dr. Kan’s work in the credit area includes credit ratings and credit assessments of commercial and industrial companies, sovereign and public finance–municipal entities, financial institutions, banks, broker dealers, and asset-backed and structured securitizations. He also performs credit / bond rating analysis and provides recovery, workout and restructuring analysis.

He has been retained in and provided expert reports and oral testimony or expert advice in several state and federal court cases as well as domestic and international arbitration cases before the FINRA, ICSID, ICC, JAMS and PCA. He is also a qualified arbitrator.

Prior to joining CRA, Ozgur Kan was a Managing Director in the Financial Services and Securities Practices of another global consulting firm, where he also led the Credit Analytics Practice. Before that, Dr. Kan was the Head of the Credit Methodology function in GE-Capital-Americas and a Director in Moody’s and taught as an academic in two universities and still teaches courses as an instructor for PLI.

Selected engagements

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