Robert E. Curry, Jr.

Senior Consultant to CRA

Robert E. Curry, Jr. has served as a commissioner of the New York State Public Service Commission, which has jurisdiction over investor-owned utilities and their more than $30 billion in annual charges, for six years.

As a member of the US Department of Energy’s Electricity Advisory Committee since 2010, Mr. Curry advises on strategies for the modernization of the nation’s electricity infrastructure. He is vice-chair of the committee’s Race to the Top Subcommittee, a program that encourages states to prioritize energy efficiency and distributed generation. He is also involved in the New York City Energy Planning Board, the Harvard Electricity Policy Group, and other power industry and regulatory activities, including those which address the development of the Marcellus Shale in New York. In addition, Mr. Curry frequently speaks on energy issues at Columbia University’s Earth Institute, and he was on the Board of Advisors of Columbia Law School’s Center on Corporate Governance.

Mr. Curry has been a corporate counselor and manager, specializing in transactions, financing, and corporate governance. He has been a partner in several national law firms, and his experience includes sitting with boards of directors and related committees of public companies for more than 30 years. He also served as a senior executive and general counsel of a company ranked 148th on the Fortune Industrial 500 while it was transformed to 46th on the Fortune Services 500.


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