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Pay Equity Audits

Pay equity is governed by a variety of complex laws that create a substantial amount of risk. When employers want to manage their risk exposure and ensure their employees are being paid equitably, they turn to CRA. For more than 20 years, we have helped HR leaders and legal counsel develop strategies, processes, and controls tailored to their pay practices.

Why CRA?

CRA has experience in a wide range of industries, and our work has withstood the scrutiny of both local and federal agencies. We have helped employers assess and actively manage/mitigate risk under many different laws, uncover potential inequities, and to develop a strategy to fix inequities.

Our consultants combine deep expertise in each phase of the pay equity audit process with cutting edge analytics and in-depth regulatory knowledge to deliver clear answers and concrete action plans.

Our Focus Areas


  • 01
    Class action alleging gender discrimination in pay
    Advised counsel to a multinational Fortune 50 technology company in a California Equal Pay Act class action claim alleging gender discrimination in pay,...
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  • 02
    OFCCP audit support leading to successful early resolution
    When a Fortune 100 technology manufacturer was involved in a major acquisition, CRA validated data from 14 data sources to assess risks in existing salary,...
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  • 03
    Study on employment outcomes for the Office of Financial Research
    CRA was retained to provide a quantitative and qualitative study of the Office of Financial Research.  The quantitative analysis provided data-driven insights...
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