OFCCP audit support for two AAP establishments

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CRA was retained by one of the world’s largest online networking platforms to provide OFCCP audit support for two AAP establishments. CRA’s labor economists ensured data produced to the OFCCP was accurate, assisted with responses to interrogatives from the agency, and provided analytical support to the contractor for the duration of the audit. The team of CRA consultants rebutted the Agency’s analysis using an alternative model that better reflected the contractor’s compensation architecture and philosophy. Gender and racial/ethnic pay differences were explained for five of the nine groups that the OFCCP identified in a Predetermination Notice. CRA’s team met with OFCCP’s statisticians to communicate the analytic approach and supported the contractor during settlement negotiations for the remaining four groups, which resulted in the contractor entering an Early Resolution Conciliation Agreement with OFCCP. CRA’s economists continue to provide analytical support to ensure compliance with the monitoring component of that agreement.

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