Cybersecurity Incident Response

CRA assists companies and their counsel in independently investigating and responding to complex cybercrime and data breach incidents. We have worked on thousands of such matters, including many covered by the media. We are noted for deploying cross-trained teams of professionals who are experienced at working under privilege to help clients establish facts and gain deeper insights more quickly. This enables clients to assess exposure and take defensible, corrective action to get back to business as usual.

Our professionals include information security experts, incident responders, former IT auditors, former law enforcement officers, eDiscovery professionals, and computer forensics experts with deep technical and analytical skills, and decades of investigative and cybersecurity experience. We bring a pragmatic and practical approach to addressing threats and incidents to limit disruption.

Our Focus Areas


  • 01
    Cybersecurity incident response
    Ransom request of data associated with a Fortune 500 client.
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  • 02
    CRA identifies hidden application data flows inserted by a hacker
    CRA was engaged by outside counsel on behalf of their client to investigate a potential compromise. The client previously engaged a PCI Forensic Investigator...
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  • 03
    CRA is retained to investigate a cyber event at a Fortune 100 financial institution
    CRA was retained to investigate an event at a Fortune 100 financial institution. We determined the points of infiltration, quantified the number of systems and...
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