Five-year vision in prescription digital therapeutics

Our client, a prescription digital therapeutics (PDT) developer, sought to formalize a five-year vision to drive its corporate strategy, align the organization behind the strategy, and direct its near term investments and growth plan.

CRA approach

  • Facilitated a two-day strategic workshop with client’s leadership team to debate and align on “what company should be” vs. “what company should not be” in five years.
  • Redefined our client’s competitive advantage and prioritized conflicting strategic initiatives.
  • Identified where client must ‘win’ vs, match competitors. Defined key capabilities across product development, user experience, and commercialization.

Client impact

  • Developed a consensus-based five-year vision, including refined organizational mission and strategic direction.
  • Adapted the client’s pipeline prioritization framework in line with the new vision to strategically guide decision-making and investments.
  • Engaged the Board of Directors on new strategic direction of the five-year vision.
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