Antitrust monopolization and damages involving multisided markets

CRA Vice President Dr. Timothy Snail advised counsel to The Ticket Clinic, a leading civil and criminal traffic violation defense firm, and provided expert opinions on economic issues related to market definition in multisided markets, merits, causation, competitive effects and damages in antitrust litigation in federal court.

The litigation related to the provision of legal services for the defense of traffic tickets. The plaintiff, a technology platform and recent market entrant, alleged that a law firm’s bricks-and-mortar competing service and a bar association engaged in an anticompetitive conspiracy, monopolization, and tortious interference, causing damages to the technology platform and injuring competition in the relevant market by excluding a competitor, reducing consumer choice, reducing the output of legal services, and raising prices.

CRA economist Dr. Timothy Snail provided expert opinions refuting plaintiff’s experts’ market definition, demonstrated that defendants did not have market power in the relevant market, the alleged conspiracy did not harm the plaintiff or have anticompetitive effects, the opposing damages expert’s econometric methodology was unreliable, and the opposing merits and damages experts’ approaches were fundamentally inconsistent. The plaintiff subsequently withdrew its claims against our client.

Dr. Snail was supported by a CRA team that included Ioana Dan, Jarrod Welch, Ben Paterson, Jonathan Kowarski, and Jeff Chen.