Developing a pricing and contracting strategy for a novel dry eye treatment

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Client issue
A leading eye health company sought to develop a US launch pricing and contracting strategy for its novel product to treat dry eye.

CRA approach
We synthesized available data to establish likely market landscape scenarios and then conducted primary market research with three key stakeholder groups to inform strategy development:  payer interviews, where we focused on understanding the relationship between list and net pricing and resulting formulary access (tiering, restrictions); physician surveys, where we explored the relationship between payer access and expected prescribing; and patient surveys, where we assessed patient willingness to fill a prescription for the product as a function of out-of-pocket cost sharing.  We also considered the financial, operational, and commercial implications of a traditional payer-covered strategy vs. a novel cash-pay strategy.

Client impact
Our work provided an assessment of the product’s potential in the US market under a variety of pricing strategies and ultimately, we recommended a strategy for pricing and contracting specific to payer organization type (e.g., national and regional health plans, PBMs, IDNs).