Global market opportunity assessment for an ultrasound platform technology

Our client wanted to assess the attractiveness of its current platform technology, desired design features, clinical evidence requirements and likely pricing in the US, Germany, France, China, and Japan in order to guide development decisions and gauge the 5-year revenue potential for the technology.

CRA approach

  • Completed 120+ in-depth physician interviews in the US., France, Germany, China, and Japan across the 9 clinical franchises
  • Completed 12 interviews with industry experts
  • Analyzed secondary resources to inform and support our findings in all franchises
  • Developed a forecast model for each franchise and in each geography

Client impact

  • Clear understanding of the nature of the opportunity, the high growth market segments and key unmet needs according to physicians
  • Assessment of the likelihood to adopt of the technology as well as pricing potential in each market
  • Development of a revenue model to estimate the addressable market and potential market share
Countries Involved
  • United States
  • France
  • Germany
  • Japan
  • China
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