Market access strategy for a device/App combination in diabetes

A leading diabetes device manufacturer sought CRA’s support in developing a healthcare market access launch strategy for a continuous glucose monitoring system + intuitive digital health App as a means of differentiating its products in a highly competitive and established market.

CRA’s approach to the healthcare market access launch strategy: 

  • Conducted a thorough healthcare market access landscape analysis in six countries covering reimbursement, pricing, purchasing, access pathways, and evidence requirements for digital health marketed products.
  • Developed a healthcare market access strategy, including developing the value proposition, identifying the optimal access pathway, and recommending a pricing strategy and evidence generation plan.
  • Validated the healthcare market access strategy with payers in 1:1 discussions in six countries.
  • Designed and moderated workshops with affiliates to socialize the healthcare market access strategy and develop local engagement plans.

Client impact

  • Supported a resource-constraint launch by leveraging existing market knowledge and expertise in healthcare market access and payment pathways.
  • Established global buy-in and team consensus on key launch steps for the digital health app, including product positioning, pricing, comparator, and evidence generation.
  • Developed a phased launch approach that prioritized speed-to-market while accommodating emerging evidence and ongoing digital health app development.
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