Materials and message testing in genomic testing (Oncology)

Our client planned to launch a new campaign for a product currently on the market and sought feedback on the campaign prior to rollout, as well as responses once the campaign was released. CRA consultants conducted internal stakeholder interviews as well as qualitative discussions with global prescribers before hosting a survey to understand launch impact. Our pre-launch research suggested that the imagery preferred internally did not resonate with MDs, prompting our client to go in another direction. Research also identified issues with potential messaging, as most messages were only moderately believable and motivating and suggested cross-country differences in receptivity to specific types of messages. Our follow-up found positive responses but low awareness of the new campaign—our client ultimately adapted their rollout strategy and increased the size of their sales team. 

Countries Involved
  • Canada
  • Germany
  • United Kingdom
  • United States
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