Natural Language Processing of Voice of KOLs (VoKOLs)

Our client sought an automated process for the analysis of Voice of KOLs(VoKOL) free text data to replace the manual process.

CRA approach

  • Understood and defined the current medical affairs strategy and key business questions
  • Developed taxonomy structure with themes, topics, and key terms for VoKOL categorization to guide analysis and insight generation
  • Established baseline trends and behaviors of the VoKOL data using natural language processing (NLP) on historic VoKOL data
  • Generated and tested automatic insights via trend analysis and outlier detection
  • Developed and implemented dashboards for analysis outputs and created a process for continuous NLP refinement

Client impact

  • Created an efficient tool to analyze insights from KOLs for the medical affairs team to guide internal and external content creation and communications
  • Established a continuous feedback loop between medical affairs and KOLs
Countries Involved

United States

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