Sponsorship & Speaking Engagement

World Orphan Drug Congress USA 2022

July 11-13, 2022
Boston, MA
Charles River Associates Pill Production Line

CRA is a proud sponsor of the congress.

Lev Gerlovin and Bhavesh Patel present the Pricing & Reimbursement track session titled “Project LEOPARD: future expectations for pricing, access & commercialization.”

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We’ll have copies of the below thought leadership for you to read at our booth:

Dynamics of EU market exclusivity: Status of orphan medicinal products

Curative cell and gene therapies and healthcare disruption

Pricing for rare disease and curative therapies: What’s fair?

CRA’s Rare Disease Spotlight team is excited to present Project LEOPARD at World Orphan Drug Congress, an ongoing assessment of the long-term evolution and outlook for patient access in rare disease. To learn more, click here.

To take our survey on the long-term evolution and outlook for patient access in rare disease, click here.

CRA’s Life Sciences Practice is proud to announce the launch of our new data analytics platform, Healthcare Claims Analytics Platform (HCAP) at World Orphan Drug Congress. HCAP is a modular, dynamic, rapidly updating data-visualization tool that provides streamlined analysis of patient-, Health Care Practitioner (HCP)-, and Health Care Organization (HCO)-level data to support decision making and insight generation. Learn more or schedule a demo today, please contact HCAP@crai.com.

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