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IP Literature Watch: June 2023

June 26, 2023
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In this month’s IP Literature Watch we include a paper exploring how multimarket contact (MMC) explains competitors’ intellectual property (IP) infringement-litigation dynamics; a study elucidating whether arbitration offers advantages compared to the patent litigation system which is currently existing in Germany; a paper undertaking a law-and-economics analysis of the remedy of destruction of products that infringe intellectual property (IP) rights; a study using a signaling game to evaluate the incentives that affect an inventor’s decision whether to work in a firm’s lab or establish a start-up; an article focusing on analyzing and comparing trade secret laws in developing and developed countries, specifically India and Germany; a chapter providing a perspective on access to regulation and the legitimacy of private rulemaking by studying the issue of public access to copyrighted standards that have become a part of law; and a paper offering a primer on the basic economics of film finance and standard practices in the US movie industry.

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