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IP Literature Watch: March 2023

March 30, 2023
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In this month’s IP Literature Watch we include a working paper showing that filing behavior is predictable and is related to both the ability to fly below the radar and the benefits of withholding information; a paper contributing to the literature on innovation policies and institutional theory on conditions for effective institutional changes; a paper demonstrating that new technologies such as  artificial intelligence, blockchain, non-fungible tokens, quantum computing, virtual currencies, and others present novel challenges to IP law; a paper exploring the possibilities and limitations that a European patent with unitary effect can potentially give to organizations concerning the innovative solutions they obtain within their projects; an article analyzing the markets for digital artworks and show that NFTs could potentially address the most pressing and long-lasting dilemma of art and the digital world; a chapter discussing ways in which ways in which legal academics understand the negotiating environment in Geneva in which international intellectual property legal norms are developed; and a paper investigating if firms’ green innovation efforts are reflected in their stock market prices.

To read more about these topics and other recent publications concerning intellectual property issues around the world, download a copy.

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