Lilla D. Csorgo

Senior Consultant to CRA

Lilla D. Csorgo is a Senior Consultant to CRA in the Antitrust & Competition Economics Practice. Dr. Csorgo was most recently Head of Economics and Policy for the Hong Kong Competition Commission and previously, Chief Economist for the New Zealand Commerce Commission.

She has comprehensive knowledge of the theory and application of microeconomics, particularly industrial organization, including competition, antitrust, and regulation. Dr. Csorgo has extensive experience in competition policy and regulation in both the public and private sectors, and her experience includes work on New Zealand, Canadian, EU and US microeconomic matters, development of Thai competition law enforcement guidelines, and World Bank, OECD and Asian Development Bank workshops in Indonesia, the Philippines, Costa Rica, South Korea, and Eastern Europe.

She has conducted analyses across several industries, including software, mining, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, retail, banking, media, and dairy. Before joining the New Zealand Commerce Commission in 2011, Dr. Csorgo was a vice president with CRA’s Competition Practice in Toronto, Canada and an economic adviser to the Commissioner of the Canadian Competition Bureau and Economist Member at the Canadian Competition Tribunal.


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