EC approves merger of chemical producers Reichhold and Polynt

The European Commission has conditionally approved the merger of Reichhold and Polynt, which both produce unsaturated polyester resin. In order to dispel the Commission’s unilateral effects concerns resulting from the combined entity’s “relatively high market shares” and its “extensive network of plants, as compared to its main competitors,” the parties agreed to sell one plant located in Etain, France.

A CRA team advised both Reichhold and Polynt during the proceedings in front of the European Commission. The CRA team conducted a number of economic analyses that were submitted to the Commission, including an econometric analysis of geocoded customer-level sales data and trade flows, which contributed to the Commission’s conclusion that the market for unsaturated polyester resin should be defined at the EEA-wide level.

For more details, please see the European Commission’s press release here.