Daniel Shack

Daniel Shack Charles River Associates

Dr. Daniel Shack is an applied economist who is passionate about applying economic theory and methodologies to economic questions underlying litigation matters.

Dr. Shack advises clients in a variety of matters such as government investigations and commercial disputes. His expertise includes methodologies such as regression analysis, economic modeling, and consumer surveys. Example engagements on which Dr. Shack has worked include ascertaining liability and calculating lost profits in commercial disputes; assessing the competitive effects of a proposed merger; and evaluating commercially reasonable efforts.

Selected engagements

  • 01
    Arbitration dispute over a terminated agreement
    CRA was retained by the respondent in an arbitration dispute concerning the interpretation of a clause in the termination provision of a collaboration...
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  • 02
    Damages analysis in an arbitration matter
    CRA was retained by the claimant in an arbitration dispute concerning the alleged breach of a non-compete clause in an agreement to distribute a prescription...
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  • 03
    CRA consultants calculate damages in a false advertising matter under the Lanham Act
    CRA was retained by counsel for the plaintiff, a manufacturer of medical apparel, to determine damages relating to a false advertising matter under the Lanham...
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