Establishing real-world testing and treatment patterns for EGFR NSCLC patients

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Client issue
Oncology-focused biotech was looking to establish real-world testing and treatment patterns among EGFR NSCLC patients in US, EU, Japan, and Greater China (mainland, HK, and Taiwan).

CRA approach
We conducted secondary research on the global market access landscape for EGFR testing and identified unmet needs from different stakeholder perspectives. Further cross-sectional and longitudinal analyses of patient charts data were undertaken to understand the patient testing journey at diagnosis, 1L and 2L treatment. CRA also conducted web-assisted interviews with KOLs, pathologists, and payers for insights into unmet needs. The project concluded with a half-day workshop to review and refine patient testing journey report and align on implications and next steps.

Client impact
The resulting patient journey informed client forecasting on sizing of patient types, opportunities and barriers for testing across key markets and provided crucial insights for APAC market. Results helped inform a PMA strategy for overcoming testing barriers in APAC and informed clinical trial recommendations for addressing barriers across markets.