Sean May

Vice President

Sean May has more 20 years of experience specializing in economic and statistical consulting. Dr. May is an expert in the health care industry and has testified, published, and spoken at conferences on matters related to competition, mergers and acquisitions, provider reimbursement, and health benefits.

He has presented economic and statistical evidence to the US Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission, in federal court, in arbitrations, and in state regulatory proceedings. He has analyzed the competitive effects of hospital and physician practice mergers, vertical acquisitions of healthcare providers by insurers, joint ventures between providers, and mergers of health insurers. Dr. May also provides economic and econometric analyses in private antitrust litigation, including advising clients in cases involving class certification, antitrust liability, and damages.

Dr. May is also an expert in Medicare/Medicaid and private reimbursement policies for health care providers. He advises on disputes between health insurers and providers or plan participants regarding reimbursement for healthcare services, regulatory investigations of health plans, and assessments of competitive rates for providers’ services.

Selected engagements

  • 01
    Class action allegations of monopsony power
    A team of CRA experts supported testifying expert Dr. Bob Topel in a lawsuit involving allegations of monopoly and monopsony power in the sports entertainment...
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  • 02
    Complex multi-million-dollar billing dispute for large insurance plan provider
    CRA was retained by counsel representing a large insurance plan provider to help resolve a complex multi-million-dollar billing dispute, between their client...
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  • 03
    Health plan mergers
    Leading health insurers such as UnitedHealthcare, WellPoint, and Humana have retained CRA to assess the competitive effects of mergers and present our findings...
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