Diversity, equity & inclusion

Our philosophy

“A defining characteristic of CRA’s culture is collegiality. We demonstrate decency and integrity toward colleagues and our work in an inclusive and collaborative environment. To that end, CRA has a long-term focus on strengthening our team and workplace culture so we remain a diverse and welcoming firm. We are committed to investing in resources, sustainable firm programming, and a multi-pronged recruiting strategy to be a better organization in the areas of diversity, equity, and inclusion.” – Jennifer Kordell, Chief Human Resources Officer

DE&I initiatives

In line with CRA’s entrepreneurial spirit, our employees identify the DE&I initiatives about which they are passionate, and the firm supports them in accomplishing these endeavors. Recent activities include:

  • One-day conference for senior female professionals to network internally and externally and attend sessions on workplace mentorship, lifting while leading, professional growth and recognition, and imposter syndrome.
  • Global web conference with an external diversity and inclusion expert highlighting previous experience working with companies launching their own programming.
  • Senior-led panel organized by mid and junior-level staff and broadcast to employees across the firm. A staff member moderated a discussion with women leaders from around CRA. Topics included: working with male and female advocates in advancing your career, securing promotions or changing departments, work-life balance, maternity leave, unconscious bias/mindset, and women as leaders.
  • Charity book drive which invited all members of the firm to donate books for women and children living in domestic violence shelters.
  • Inaugural speed discussion event which invited colleagues across all levels to participate in open, informed, and confidential dialogue within their local offices. Participants were assigned to tables focusing on different themes and encouraged to switch between tables. Topic themes included: how to make businesses more innovative through diversity, mentorship and support systems at work, and intersectionality.
  • We hosted a global book club organized by Women@CRA where staff were invited to purchase a copy of the book Grit by Angela Duckworth and engage in a group discussion over lunch.

  • Colleagues wear purple in celebration of International Women’s Day

  • Knight Sukthaworn presents during a collaborative event with InterEnergy that brought together LGBTQ+ group leaders from EDF, BP, Shell, and KPMG in London to share their experiences on diversity and inclusion initiatives within their respective workplaces. Panelists discussed the experience in setting up a new affinity group and their views on current and future challenges for affinity. The event was open to all employees and broadcast globally.

  • Led by CRA’s OutLoud affinity group, CRA celebrated the 31st anniversary of National Coming Out Day – a day dedicated to raising awareness of rights for the LGBTQ community – and the strength of our unity by donning the rainbow across our global offices.

CRA affinity groups

CRA is dedicated to providing a workplace that is accessible to and accepting of all, welcoming of a diverse workforce, and embracing of differences in an inclusive environment. CRA’s Diversity and Inclusion Program currently has three employee-created affinity groups that are led by employees across the firm who identify programming for the year. These groups are outlined below:

  • Women@CRA

    Created by the firm’s senior women who wished to develop a forum to share and discuss professional goals. The program has since evolved to leverage experienced professionals within the firm for mentorship, support, and advice to guide women through their career development.

  • OutLoud@CRA

    Created by colleagues in the UK office who wanted to establish a safe place and open forum for dialogue on issues impacting LGBTQ+ employees. Our UK and North American employees collaborate on initiatives across the firm.

  • InclusionNetwork@CRA

    CRA’s newest affinity group focuses on educating professionals about how to create and engender an inclusive workplace and recognize different aspects of diversity, both visual and non-visual.

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